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The Dangers of Bleeding Gums During Pregnancy

Posted on 9/15/2015 by Dr. Wagle
A pregnant woman rubbing her belly.When a woman becomes pregnant, the changes in hormones can cause a condition known as pregnancy gingivitis. It may just appear to be a minor condition that comes with the territory and will fix itself after the baby is born. Unfortunately, this is not always true. There are real dangers and why you should never ignore bleeding gums during pregnancy.

The Cause
It's no secret that hormones change a lot for a pregnant woman. These hormones are responsible for many changes, including the increase in blood volume and blood flow to support the growing baby inside. This causes gums to be filled with more blood and as a result, become inflamed. Inflamed gums are harder to keep clean and they bleed quite often and easily.

The Danger
When inflammation causes it to become difficult and even painful to clean around the gum line, bacteria begins to grow. This bacteria growth is known as gingivitis. While it is common, affecting three-fourths of pregnant women, it can become periodontal disease. Unfortunately, gum disease doesn't just affect the mom.

Risks to Baby
A mother's body is working full time to grow a new life and sustain her own. It is taxing on a mother and why prenatal vitamins and extra sleep are needed for a healthy pregnancy. With gum disease, energy is being taken away from that purpose and put towards fighting the gum disease.

This has resulted in some staggering statistics found by studies that show:

•  One-fifth of premature births could be due to periodontal problems
•  There is a link between pre-eclampsia (can be fatal) and gum disease
•  The risk for premature birth and low birth weight increases seven fold when a mother has periodontal disease
•  Treatment for pregnancy gingivitis is safe for both mother and baby. To avoid the dangers of bleeding gums, maintain good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups.

Please contact us if you have any questions about pregnancy gingivitis

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