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The Myths about Bone Loss

Posted on 4/30/2015 by Dr. Wagle

 A set of words saying, 'Myth vs. Reality.'The internet provides everyone with a wealth of information today. Anything you want to research is at your fingertips. Information is good, but sometimes too much information is overwhelming. This is especially true if you have conflicting information. What is true and what isn't? Maybe all your life you believed one thing to be true and now with the internet you are discovering you may have had it all wrong.

It happens to everyone, don't fret. The best you can do is do your research and figure it out from there. When it comes to bone loss, however, we are going to debunk several myths for you right now.

•  Myth: Smoking has nothing to do with bone loss.
This is definitely a myth that has been proven over many years. Certain nutrients are essential for healthy bones and calcium is one of them. Smoking causes less calcium to be absorbed in your system. You may not notice this as much at a younger age, but as you become a senior citizen you will have bones that are more fragile and break easier.

•  Myth: Bones can regenerate.
Now this is a confusing myth. Bone tissue can regenerate, but bones themselves cannot regrow. If a portion of a bone is lost, a bone graft can be put in place and stabilized. Bone tissue from the connected bone will bond with the graft. This is why a surgeon will place a cast on a broken bone. The cast holds the fragmented bone together while the bone tissue heals. Lost bones in your mouth can not grow back, but can be fixed by adding a bone graft to existing bone. If you lose an arm, there is no possibility of a new bone growing back, though.

•  Myth: Dentures are the same as teeth and will keep the bones in my mouth strong.
Many people feel that dentures are great as long as they look and feel good, but did you know that dentures themselves can damage the bone structure in your face? As dentures settle, they can cause bone atrophy, which means the bones will shrink. This can also be caused by ill-fitting dentures. These ill-fittings dentures can cause jaw joint problems. Once your jaw joint has been changed by bite or bad dentures it makes eating and talking difficult, as well as causes headaches and basically affects your everyday living. Only properly fitted dentures and continuous check-ups will ensure the bones in your face don't suffer.

•  Myth: Plaque on my teeth only affects the tooth not the bone in my jaw.
Wrong again. It's common knowledge that plaque will cause bacteria in your mouth and that leads to gum disease. However, it's not only the gums that get damaged. The bone structure surrounding the teeth gets eaten away by the bacteria. Many times this causes bone loss resulting in tooth loss. Keeping plaque under control will stop bacteria from eating away the bone structure in your mouth.

•  Myth: Loss of bone and the tooth it supports is gone forever.
Not quite. As mentioned before, bone grafts in the mouth can connect to existing bone by bone tissue that regenerates. Once the bone structure is strong and healed, an implanted tooth can be inserted in that new bone. Implants are the next best thing to a natural tooth. They do not damage the teeth or bone structure of the teeth next to them. They do not come out and they are permanent.

It's easy to see how some misconceptions arise about bone loss. To make sure you have the strongest bones you can have, eat a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D; don't smoke and for oral bone structure health, come see us to see how else you can strengthen the bones in your mouth.

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